Active&Fit® Program

As a member, you get an Active&Fit discounted gym membership. Your gym discount depends on your current plan. To find out how much you can save, sign on to My Account.

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Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3


1. Find your gym discount

Your discount is based on your current plan.


2. Enroll with Active&Fit

You’ll enroll and set up payment on the Active&Fit site.


3. Go to the gym

You’re ready to work out at your selected gym.

Find Your Discount

Log on to My Account to find out how much you can save on a gym membership. From the HMSA homepage, click Member Login. Or call us at 1-844-646-2746.

It takes just a few minutes to create an account and link your plan. All you need is your HMSA membership card and an email address.

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Tips for enrolling with Active&Fit

  • If you create a My Account, you’ll need to link your plan to find your discount. Be sure you have your HMSA membership card with you.
  • Have a credit card ready. You’ll set up your gym payment information when you enroll on the Active&Fit site.
  • Your gym enrollment may take a few days. Print a Guest Pass Letter to hit the gym right away.


HMSA365 disclaimer

HMSA365 is a discount program for health and wellness services and products not covered under HMSA health plans. Although HMSA has arranged to make these savings available to you, providers and practitioners participating in this program are solely responsible for their products and services. HMSA does not endorse or guarantee the products or services offered through this program and we make no representations regarding the effectiveness of any program or service offered as part of HMSA365. HMSA is not liable for defective products, practitioner negligence, or other errors in the delivery of services or products.

You are responsible for selecting your own health and wellness services and products and should not rely on this program to select or recommend any vendor or product for you. Always consult your own physician before engaging in any exercise or fitness routine or before using any fitness products, dietary supplements, or other products or services offered by health and wellness vendors. HMSA has not inspected or evaluated the facilities, products, or services of any of the businesses participating in this program for safety, quality, or appropriateness; you will need to inspect, evaluate, and make your own independent judgment, together with your physician, in each case before selecting a health and wellness service or product.

HMSA365 is not a prepaid plan or insurance

HMSA members are solely responsible for all costs incurred through the HMSA365 discount program; HMSA will not pay for any fees or costs. The discounts available through the HMSA365 may not be used in connection with any health coverage (such as to reduce the deductible copayment or co-insurance obligation). HMSA365 discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or coupon.