Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Calculator

If you use your employer’s flexible spending plan, this calculator can help you decide how much money to put in your account this year.

A flexible spending plan lets you use money from your paycheck before taxes are deducted to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses. This means you lower your taxable income and save money on state, federal, and Social Security taxes.

Fill out the form below to get an idea of how much you’re likely to spend on eligible FSA expenses in a year. Then use that number to help you decide how much to contribute to your flexible spending plan.

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Expenses include dental and vision care and prescription drugs.

Expenses include fees for licensed day care of your dependent(s) under age 13 or adult care for a qualifying adult dependent.

Expenses include bus passes and parking fees.

How much you should put in your FSA

Based on what you’ve entered, you’ll reach the maximum for FSA contributions in .

Per pay period: