Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, HMSA has job opportunities that can help you meet your career goals. To provide a better sense of the organization, listed below are brief descriptions of a few of the departments within the company.

Account Management & Sales

HMSA’s Account Management & Sales department provides our employer groups and individual plan customers with the services of an account manager and/or an account relationship consultant.

Department staff work as plan consultants, respond to employer concerns, deliver member education presentations, and serve as a liaison to other HMSA departments on behalf of their customers.

This department continues to build and strengthen long-term relationships with our employer group and individual customers by working closely with members and prospective customers and demonstrating HMSA’s commitment to providing access to a substainable, quality health care system.

Claims Administration

HMSA’s Claims Administration department is responsible for accurately processing, reviewing, and paying all health care claims.

The department includes control and distribution staff who process new claims, examiners who review claims, analysts who produce claims processing data, and department managers who see that our members receive the timely, accurate and excellent service they expect from HMSA.

If you have an eye for detail, are good with numbers, and enjoy reviewing documents, consider a job in HMSA’s Claims Administration department.

Customer Relations

In writing, in person, and over the phone, HMSA’s Customer Relations representatives provide timely and accurate responses to a wide variety of member inquiries.

This department is the first place members turn for answers about their benefits, claims, eligibility, membership, and other health plan-related questions. Therefore, Customer Relations representatives must have extensive knowledge about HMSA’s plans and policies, a caring attitude, and a commitment to superior service.

All new Customer Relations representatives complete a comprehensive training program that provides the information they need to respond to HMSA members’ questions and concerns.

Information Systems

HMSA’s Information Systems (IS) department is responsible for storing, distributing, and protecting information; managing computer systems and applications; and developing automated processes for HMSA.

The IS department is a full-service information technology provider that operates both legacy and open systems technology platforms to support HMSA’s current and future business needs.

HMSA’s IS department has many opportunities in project management, requirements development, vendor management, application testing, and quality design.

Provider Services

Provider Services assists, educates, builds relationships, and strengthens communication between HMSA and the health professionals who care for our members.

Supporting the largest health care provider network in the state, Provider Services helps with providers’ contractual, administrative, and cost-containment issues; shares information through print publications and online and telephone access to HMSA eligibility and claims data; and manages provider information databases for claims processing and other provider reimbursement programs.

Positions in Provider Services require strong skills in project management, communications, and personal relations, with the ability to handle multiple projects on tight deadlines.