2019 Annual Report


Each year, like many other companies, HMSA publishes an annual report that provides information about the past year along with a current financial overview. In times like these, when the COVID-19 pandemic is creating so much uncertainty, it’s especially important for our members, employer groups, and providers to know without a doubt that HMSA’s sound financial standing means we’ll be here for you when you need us.

In 2019, HMSA delivered strong financial results, reinforcing our ability to provide the comfort and peace of mind that comes from being an HMSA member. It’s why we remain Hawaii’s health plan of choice.

Last year, we paid $3.3 billion in member benefits, including visits to physicians, hospitalizations, prescription drugs, and more. And 93 cents of every dollar that HMSA collected in premiums went directly to paying for members’ care.

Our financial stability has allowed us to work with our health system partners to make sure that we can allow the free-choice system to take care of Hawaii during the current pandemic. We’re able to deploy telemedicine and digital health care to patients with no member cost share; deliver early refills on prescriptions; pay for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and services without copayments; and work with hospitals and urgent care centers to set up the infrastructure needed to handle this crisis.

Whether it’s keeping you healthy or giving you access to the health care services you need, we believe that investing in you means investing in Hawaii’s future.


Signature of Mark Mugiishi

Mark Mugiishi, M.D., F.A.C.S.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Signature of Robert S. Harrison

Robert S. Harrison
Chair of the Board

Photo of Mark Mugiishi and Robert Harrison
Operations Finances

Operations and Finances

3.3 billion
in member benefits

Member benefits

$3.3 billion paid in member benefits, including visits to physicians, hospitalizations, prescription drugs, and more.

93 cents
of every dollar for members’ care

Premium dollar

93 cents of every dollar that HMSA collects in premiums goes directly to paying for our members’ care.

2019 Financial Report [PDF]

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